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Mozzarella & Burrata

Mozzarella is known the world over as the stringy cheese topping of a classic pizza. It is made in every region of Italy from both cow's milk and buffalo milk. But it isn't just a pizza topping.

Here we have a fantastic buffalo mozzarella which can be the centre piece of a salad.

We are also big fans of Burrata and its smaller sibling the Burratina. These look similar to mozzarella but have a distinct creamy quality which has to be experienced. These are things of beauty - break into them to reveal a creamy and delicate inner which is second to none - drizzle with olive oil and enjoy!

Great with bread sticks or crisp flat-breads and a glass of vino for a really indulgent treat. 

We will be adding new varieties flavoured with truffles and Gorgonzola soon.