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All Meat and Fish

We stock meat and fish from families who use traditional farming, production and fishing methods.

Our meats are from the Marini family in Tuscany and the Pedrazzoli family in Lombardy in the north

The anchovies and tuna from the family Igino Mazzola from Genoa who for four generations, have fished and produced quality end products which guarantee both a wonderful flavour and nutrition.

Their fish come from sustainable fisheries. When fishing for tuna they limit the catch to help species to recover and this ensures that consumers can enjoy the product knowing that they are supporting a an ethical producers. 

To help you choose we have suggested some classic pairings to help you enjoy their unique individual characteristics and personality.

We would love to hear which are your favourites or let us know if there is a salami or meat which that we don't currently stock that you would like to try and we will endeavour to find it.