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Salumi Selections

All our selections contain Proscuitto and Coppa - then you can pick your choice of Salumi - use the descriptors below to help you choose!

  • Proscuitto is cured whole leg of heritage breed pigs - sweet, dry and aromatic. From this meat enjoys the natural nutty characteristics from the pigs diet and is the delicate air-dried sweet flavour.
  • Coppa is dry-cured pork shoulder/neck and deliciously spicy and sweet. The whole cuts of meat generously seasoned with garlic, pepper, paprika and other spices which give it a really rounded and meaty flavour - one our favourites.
  • Ventricina Salumi is a classic cured salame salami made from coarse ground pork then pepped up with with pepper, chillies and paprika making it spicy the first time you take a bite - second tasting onwards it becomes very hot.
  • Milano Salumi is the biggest selling salami - usually made with a mix of beef and pork meat and added pork fat. It’s fine grained, tender and full of flavour - it is from Milan of course!
  • Finocchiona Salumi is a classic salami sausage with the licorice flavour of fennel. Made from minced cheek, it’s seasoned with red wine, fennel, salt and pepper fermented and air-dried for six months.

300g of meat in total which is approx 30 slices.

(Bread not included in the selection)

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