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About Us

The team at Little London Deli are passionate about Italian food and we love experimenting with new bread and desserts, searching for and sampling new cheese and meats, researching Italian food traditions and discovering new suppliers and learning about the stories behind their products.

I completed a degree in food then worked designing new food flavours for well know brands - so imagine how amazing it is to own a company where I can please my own customers with wonderful food and spend time really understanding what each and every one of them enjoys.

I live in a small village in Somerset and it all began when I started buying artisan delicacies from delis and sharing these with local friends in early 2021.

Now myself and a small really enthusiastic and knowledgable team have discovered some great importers and suppliers of unique, traditionally made Italian meats and cheese. We now bake our own Italian inspired breads and cakes to complement the range.

The deli has grown in popularity with lots of recommendations and our regular customers, who share our passion for fine Italian food, inspired us to launch our website to showcase the growing range of products and to make these more widely available.

Today, we are delighted to offer delivery throughout the UK and welcome your feedback about our products and service and would love to hear from you. If you are looking for something special or have party plans and would like a bespoke antipasti platter please get in touch.