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Our packaging decisions.

Delivery boxes

We ship to you in an Enviro-box one of the UK's most environmentally friendly boxes. It has the strength and protection of a double walled box so as to protect your order, but is in fact a heavy duty single walled box. This means less material is used and the resulting lighter box also reduces fuel consumption in the transportation chain.

The boxes are also adjustable in size so when we pack your order, we trim the boxes to fit rather than using more packing to fill the remaining space.

Chilled packaging

We use 'Puffin liners' to wrap the chilled components of your order. These liners contain one of nature’s best insulators - sheep’s wool! This can then be added to your compost and the outer liner put in with your plastic, or if you do not compost at home and they head into your waste they will quickly biodegrade.

Food boxes

You will notice that the food containers are printed with a message informing you it is fully compostable, either at home or again if they head into general waste they will quickly biodegrade.