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Italian Deli Delivery for Glamping @ The Brew & Upper and Lower Beeches

Welcome to Oakhill our beautiful village
What a choice you have made to enjoy the wonderful setting of Oakhill for your break whether it be in the with the lovely bell tents nestled in a quiet lakeside expanse of grasslands or the neat and beautifully finished Upper and Lower Beeches holiday homes.


Italian Deli Delivery directly to you.

If you would like to relax with a time away from cooking and you love artisan Italian food, then do consider a delivery from Little London Deli. We are based just up the road on the High Street in Oakhill and will deliver directly to you :) 

We have a suggested hamper selection or alternatively you can make your own choices from the wider range on the website.

We home bake our bread and desserts and source the wonderful meats and cheeses from lovely family businesses around Italy.

Other local eating options
  • Amanda will be offering breakfasts and afternoon teas during the summer season so there is nothing easier than getting in touch with her to arrange that.
  • You also have full access to the brilliant outdoor kitchen in the Walled Garden so aspiring or fully fledged cooks will be very happy if they would like to cook for your group.
  • You may well also enjoy a trip to our very local Oakhill Inn! They serve hearty pub food, serve local drinks and have wonderfully welcoming staff - do be sure to book in advance.
Ordering your deli delivery
  • Please order by 10am on the Tuesday before the weekend you would like your order so we can get it prepared and baked for you to perfection.
  • Leave a note at checkout letting us know you are staying at the Glamping Site and what day you would like your food.

**Please use the discount code OAKHILLVIP at the checkout stage to have the delivery charge removed from your order (minimum order of £30) as we are very happy to personally run it down to you**

Keeping the food chilled
We pack the food in chilled packaging to keep it fresh for 24 hours even in a warm summer.
Bespoke orders
If there is anything your group would like that are not on the product listings please get in touch with us or call Nicola on 07776301955.