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Two Person Cheese Selections

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Each cheese in this selection is approximately 125g except the Robiola La Tur which is 275g and delivers a whopping serving of flavour and decadence!

  • Gorgonzola Naturale Piccante is an incredible blue sheep's cheese - creamy with a balanced flavour and an interesting spicy bite to finish.
  • Pecorino Nero Toscano is quite dry and crumbly with a delicate, but has a bold savoury taste and a slight tang.
  • Quader de Cavra a Taleggio-style semi-soft cheese made from 100% goat's milk with a very delicate and sweet taste and has a soft springy but creamy texture. Similar to cow's milk Taleggio but we think this one has the edge.
  • Robiola La Tur. Caseificio dell'Alta Langa produces exemplary soft-ripened cheeses made from a triple-blend of milk from cows, sheep and goats. It has a mild but complex flavour, is aged between two to four weeks and enclosed in a soft edible rind. It's from Piemonte - north east Italy bordering France and Switzerland - and one it's one of our favourites! 

Two person selection 375g-525g

Allergens: Milk

Suggestion: try serving our cheese selections with the super thin breads Lingue Classico and a fig or pear condiment together with some honey for a super ultimate cheese board.


Please order before 10am Tuesday for delivery on Friday. Your delivery can arrive any time during business hours - usually by 4pm, however, occasionally traffic issues can delay this.

When you order please make sure you include your phone number and correct door number and postcode. If the property is hard to find please add directions in the address fields - for example: 9 Gladys Road ("hidden behind number 10") this helps us hugely to get to you on time.

If you realise you have made a mistake with your order or need to alter the address please email nicola@littlelondondeli.co.uk as soon as possible.

Who delivers the products?

For local customers we drop in person and further afield we use APC. We chose them to support our local hub in Frome and they give brilliant customer service and have a 98%+ delivery on time record.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver across the UK except Ireland and the Scottish Highlands.

What is the delivery charge?

We charge £6.99 for delivery which covers part of the cost of couriers. We cover the remaining charge and cost of the environmentally sustainable packaging. 

Do I need to be in for delivery?

If you are not in when the delivery arrives the order can be left in a safe place if you leave a note for the driver on the door.

Is your packaging environmentally friendly?

Delivery boxes

We ship to you in boxes that are made from 95% recycled cardboard in a carbon neutral manufacturing process.

Chilled packaging

We use Wool liners to wrap the chilled components of your order. These liners contain one of nature’s best insulators - sheep’s wool! This can then be added to your compost and the outer liner put in with your plastic, or if you do not compost at home they quickly biodegrade in your waste.

Our chilled ice bricks are water which you can pour safely down the sink and recycle the plastic, however, why not reuse them yourself or give to friends to make use of?

Food boxes

You will notice our food containers are printed with a message informing you it is fully compostable, either at home or again if they head into general waste they will quickly biodegrade.

Our little sample pots are made from sugar pulp and our deli pots are also recyclable.

I live in Somerset surrounded by farm land, green space and wonderful woodland walks. However there is very limited access to speciality foods and nice delis.

Bristol is my original home town and during visits I shop at the lovely Italian deli's around the city. After serving a group of friends barbecued toasties containing the spicy Italian Nduja sausage, I started getting requests for me to pick up Nduja when I next went to Bristol!

Eventually I decided to make the business official and I live on a street called Little London, so Little London Deli was born in early 2021. My home is now full of freshly baked bread, chocolate Torta and a LOT of packing boxes!

With the support of a very small and lovely team the business has now expanded and we enjoy bringing Italian foods to those that love it much further afield than just my little Somerset village.

We look forward to 'meeting' you :) 

Nicola and 'Team Deli'